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kaitlinmcb asked: I love love love your Girl With The Broken Smile fanfic omg. Cant wait for chapter 7 ! :)

Oh my goodness this makes me so happy!  I’m glad that you’re enjoying it, lucky for you I just posted chapter 7 so you can check it out! AHhh I get so excited when people tell me that they’re fans of my story!  

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Girl with the Broken Smile Chapter 7

A/N: Can I just say that you guys are the best readers ever for not giving up on me even though I take forever to update???? I wasn’t lying when I said I had already begun drafting the next chapter, it’s just that traveling internationally for extended periods makes juggling writing and trying to catch up with school and graduate a bit challenging:/  Despite that, I now have mapped out completely how I want to end this story and there will probably be about 3(ish) more chapters.  We’re in the home stretch, ladies and gentlemenJ

Any way here’s long overdue chapter 7.  I do not own Fringe.


Girl with the Broken Smile Chapter 7

            By the time Peter came to he was upright and alone.  He felt sick to his stomach, although he wasn’t sure if it had more to do with what he’d just heard or his festering concussion.  Either one was a viable option, however he had a feeling that the latter was the culprit.  He’d it his head pretty hard again when the chair had been kicked over and fallen unconscious.  It hurt like hell and he wasn’t exactly sure how long he’d been out. 

Could’ve been minutes. 

Could’ve been hours. 

Frankly, he didn’t care.

“Shit,” He breathed out into the dark and dank room.

Peter didn’t know what to think.  Hell, he could barely wrap his head around the implications of what Chris had told him.  Fucked up would be putting it too mild.  Honestly, he supposed he shouldn’t have been that surprised.  He’d been friends with Olivia for over a year now and from the very first time she’d confided in him about her sadistic stepfather, he’d always had a bit of an inkling that there was a little more to the story.  He never brought it up with her directly, but as he sat in that room with nothing but his thoughts, he recalled a memory from just over a month ago.

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